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My name is Rachael. I am 26 years old, an expecting mother and happily married. I work as an FMLA administrator for a disability management company in Upstate New York. I help various national companies understand and administer leaves under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. I enjoy my job and love to share what I know with others.

My first experience with this website actually began many years ago with Everything 1. I had fun, was immature, and made many crappy write-ups. =) Now I'm just mellow and not so immature and want to share what I know and hope to educate others as well as have fun. I have problems with spelling, so usually try to do my write up in MS Word and then place my links after I have copied over what I've written.

I like to think of myself as laid back with a decent sense of humor. I think I've grown in the amount of time that I have been gone, and hope to reaquaint myself with some of the oldbies, and look forward to meeting new people as well. If I'm not mistaken, my old handle was Ivyneko, but I'm not 100% sure.

Some of the things I enjoy are playing Everquest,learning anything and everything I can about space/planets/stars/blackholes, reading, playing outside with my dog, going to the Drive-in, composing music and spending time with my "significant other".

I do not have a favorite author. The reason for this, is because I tend to find that one person tends to write in the same style for every book they write, and it ends up becoming monotonous. The chars are different but the storyline is the same. For an example, Dean Koontz: the majority of his books have 3 major characters. The hero (which is usually a strong male), the damsel in distress (who is always weak and can not do anything for herself) and the evil villain (who has somehow been wrong by a woman and is now going to make "damsel in distress" life a miserable hell.

I have a few favorite musicians. Colin Hay from Men at Work and The Police are two of them.