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Last Updated: 2 Dec 2002 23 Jan 2005.

#include <std_geek.h>

Standard Geek, v. 1.21. Studying Comp. Science in Karlsruhe, Germany. I share my birthday with Boris Yeltsin, he being born exactly 50 years earlier.

When I have time I might begin noding.

I L'ed-OL at this: Who downvoted this, WHO!!!!! you don't have to fucking well live with her do you?. I want sympathy goddamnit to hell!!! -- lioncub in his The Roommate from Hell War Node, thought I should put it here for, um, posterity.

Whee, there's snow outsideThe showing of Snow this winter has been cancelled due to global warning. Please wait until summer, when Snow will return!


Stop trying to spread freedom like it's fucking peanut butter.

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