As I peruse and cruise the highways and byways of beautiful, hot and humid central Florida, my discontented mind envisions scenarios which may or may not ever be carried out.

But they are fun to envision.

Scene one; Take one; Action

(I return from a day in the field and my boss is waiting)
        Boss: OK, where the fuck have you been?
        Me: Working my ass off, what's it to ya?
        Boss: Well, this shit has got to stop!
        Me: Oh, it'll stop all right.

(I pick up a yellow legal pad and sit down at a nearby desk and begin to write)

        Boss: What are you doing?
        Me: Writing out a little fucking Letter of resignation.
        Boss: Whoa, Whoa, You can't do that!
        Me: Oh no? Here it is!

(As I slide it across the desk and head for the time clock)

        Boss: But wait...
        Me: No you wait...for somebody else 
        to do this job, 'cause I'm outa here!
        Take this job and shove it!

Cut; Print; It's a wrap.

Meanwhile back in the real world, I arrive back at work and the boss is waiting.

        Boss:Ok, Where the fuck have you been?
        Me: Sorry Boss, I got back as soon as I 
        Boss: Well, it's time to go home, see ya 
        Me: Yes sir, have a good night.