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Those who have the luxury of absolving themselves of "sins of their fathers" vis-à-vis slavery, apartheid, and genocide in the United States (and the Americas), should, perhaps, be immediately dispatched to the womb of a black, Latino, or Native American mother, and made to live out a life all over again. This "I didn't do it" bullshit seems to blind people to the fact that those past sins have present-day repercussions; maybe a ten-thousand-mile walk in the shoes of those who have a more direct dose of the recursive fallout and bad karma that have resulted from those sins would be the best treatment. But that being unpossible, my alternate advice is: shut the fuck up and learn something for a change.

Sticking your heads in the sand, in regards to the continuously-unfolding causes and effects, is the same as acquiescing to those ongoing effects; your fingerprints are on the body, too. You have squarely made yourself part of the problem, willfully oblivious to any solutions.

If you missed out on all the fun of having generations of your ancestors actively fucked with and held back and held down by Uncle Sam's policies and by the loathing bathed upon them by the general (white) populace, I'd love for you to enjoy such a privilege, you sons of bitches. "No Irish Need Apply" was just Fuck-over Lite compared to centuries of ill treatment of "persons of color" -- an absence of melanin has its advantages, after all.

This is not a game of "all sins of the world are equal"; while it's unfortunate that there have been mutual or all-sides ethnic hatreds going back centuries in Ulster, or Bosnia, or Armenia, outside your very window stands the here-and-now evidence of one-sided sins, perpetuated for centuries.

Have a nice day.