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Author of several satirical novels and a beltway insider. Son of notable conservative William F. Buckley; doesn't seem to share his dad's political views. Also writes for many newspaper and magazines including The New Yorker, Esquire, and the Washington Post.

Buckley's writing style has been compared to Mark Leyner, and fans of Leyner would probably like Buckley. However, most of Buckley's writing is political, and is not nearly as surreal; his writing generally serves to attack (or at least prod) specific targets. Many of the characters in his novels are at least partially based on real people - the main character of Little Green Men, John Oliver Banion, is supposedly based on George Will.

Tid-bits: Once started the rumor that the Kremlin was auctioning off Lenin's remains in order to raise currency and bolster Russia's economy. Attended Yale and was a member of Skull & Bones.

Little Green Men - 1999: About a powerful Washington talk show host who is abducted by aliens (i.e., the US Government)

God Is My Broker (with John Tierney, under the name Brother Ty) - 1998: An account of a Wall Street broker who relearns financial truth in a monastery

Wry Martinis - 1997: A collection of Buckley's articles

Thank You For Smoking - 1994: Satire of Big Tobacco from the viewpoint of one of its lobbyists

White House Mess - 1986: Fake "insider" White House memoir

Steaming to Bamboola: The World of a Tramp Freighter - 1982