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Probably among the most elaborate of childhood rituals is the gradual loss of baby teeth. The Tooth Fairy often comes along and takes the teeth once discarded, leaving behind some form of small monetary payment. The method of removing the tooth often has some specific ritual involved as well, depending on the family and culture. Swallowing a tooth is a tragedy unparralelled in a small child's mind.

I would always try to wait until Sunday before having my teeth pulled, because my dentist would give us a dollar if he pulled them at church. I'm not quite sure why ... maybe he took some morbid pleasure in just yanking the teeth out outside of his office.

An interesting factoid: Children lose their teeth in the same sequence that they gain them. Keep a chart when they are babies to keep track of the order in which their teeth come in. Then amaze them later in life with your mad psychic skillz by accurately predicting which tooth they will next lose.