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roses are red, violence is also red, sugar is sweet, and 
so is my gnu.

roses are red, violets are blue, beef jerky chased me
with an axe, and i have red spots on my eyelids from
rubbing them on a tree

roses are red, my beret is black, we are alone in a 
godless uncaring universe, reality is bleak. (and my
turtleneck is too tight)

roses are rented, hester punched the snails, my cutlery
smells like my cat's breath, i have a hernia in my 
ear-wax holder

roses are rented, <insert someones name here> is

roses are gherkins trained in paramilitary school, a guy
playing the snare drums ate my tulips, sunglasses
sing "mary is really hairy", jumping makes me rub that is
why i have hair there

roses are gherkins, ahhh.... aborted attempt

roses are russian, violets are prussian, when <insert
 someones name here> starts blushin, is end of discushin

roses are red, violets are blue, how much frickin' poetry,
does it take to get a scre-- er, never mind

roses are short and stumpy men with inflated hands carrying
elephant guano popsicles, barry manilow keeps on 
decaying, I can see many things twice and they are 
colourful, where is my margarita you greasy piglet from 
the nether regions of the albatross kamikazee division!?