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When I saw the Murder City Devils open up for Modest Mouse at Bard College on November 5th, 1998, I had no idea what I was in store for.

Before the show, we ended up talking with Derek Fudesco outside. He was looking for a lighter. We didn't have one.
But The Murder City Devils must have had *some* source of combustion, because about haflway through their set, while in the middle of "Cradle to the Grave", Gabe, the roadie, comes out with a whole lot of rubbing alcohol. He poured it on the cymbals of the drum set and just lit it up. The drum set is on fire, and it gets to this point where Spencer Moody sings "when youre down this LOW!!!!" The cymbals crash, and two flares of flame are shot up into the air.

It was completely boss.