Anchorman: a college drinking game. Usually played with several teams, each composed of several (usually four) players.

Equipment needed: 1 pitcher, 1 quarter (assuming you don't lose it!), 1 table (or other table-height horizonal surface), lots of beer.

How to play:
1. Fill the pitcher with beer.
2. Each team gets a turn for one member to attempt bouncing the quarter off the table in an attempt to get it in the pitcher.
3. After the first person on each team tries, the second player on each team gets an attempt, then the third, etc...
4. Upon successfully bouncing the quarter on the table and landing it in the pitcher of beer, that team decides which of the other teams drinks. They also pick an "Anchorman" for the team.
5. The team chosen to drink picks a drinking order, but the Anchorman has to be last. Each team member drinks from the pitcher in order. As soon as the person's lips break contact with the pitcher, his/her turn is over and the pitcher is passed to the next team mate. Each person can drink as much or as little as they want, but are encouraged to 'give it all they've got'.
6. When the pitcher gets to the Anchorman, he has to drink all of the remaining beer and then catch the quarter in his teeth.
7. The "winners" are the last team left playing (or standing).