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Tactic employed in deathmatch games. Considered a semi-advanced technique, it causes you to move in a tight circle around a stationary opponent, moving faster than your hapless foe can follow. The bonus is at all times you have your wepon aimed at the centre of this circle, and therefore your opponent.

When deployed effectively this technique will cause your opponent to be reduced to a bloody pile of gibbage without you taking any damage at all. It's also quite comical when an opponent unfamilliar with the technique starts spinning around in circles on the spot trying to shoot you.

It is executed with the mouse and keyboard by looking at your opponent's feet, holding down one of the "strafe" keys (step left, or step right), and simultaneously moving the mouse in the opposite direction. This takes some practice to perfect.

The counters are simple:

  • Run away!
  • If you must be a sitting duck, stop turning to follow your opponent, fire a rocket at the floor as they pass before you on the next rotation.
  • Whip out the BFG and give em hell!