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Setobos: the chosen nickname of Karl Erickson to reflect his chosen take on self-esteem, seen through inherent subjectivity: the arrogance of equating oneself with a god, but the humility of the god being perhaps just the delusion of a simple and primitive creature (although one with imagination). ('setebos' is my nickname, but i am inherently both 'caliban' and 'setebos' as mapped onto the standard distinction between private and social self.)

fluidiot. idioverse (idiosyncratic universe.)

obsessed with comprehensivity since age 11
when committed to writing sf because
it's the only medium that can do

subsequently exposed to and inspired by
the following cultures and phenomena
in approximately the following order:

  • computers
  • music
  • interactive fiction (with and without computers)
  • visual art
  • a labyrinth idioarchetype
  • Agnosticism
  • synergetic geometry/philosophy
  • design science

...the sf bottom-layer naturally assimilating it all,
the design-science culmination a return-full-circle
to comprehensivity.

the resulting self-imperative:

novel significance
novel memetics
by cosmic fishing:

  • experience
  • analyze
  • synthesize
  • respond

and network according to emergent aesthetics.