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One of the very few ways to see Professional Boxing matches for free. It currently resides at ESPN2, usually starting at 9pm. The show features one or two minor matches and then the headliner is either a Heavyweight match, or championship lower weight class. If a few of the bouts end quickly a final 3 or 5 round bout will be shown. The only other boxing show is on Fox Sports Net and is usually not worth watching. They actually cut out the "boring rounds" sometimes. Unlike almost any other sport, if you want to see a good match you'll need to do Pay Per View or have Showtime or HBO.

The show also features some SportsCenter type dialogue in between that is usually fairly informative. They go over the recent important bouts and upcoming ones. Of course, with all the different weight classes crossed with different belts, the info can easily become overwhelming.

It seems that pseudo-Boxing "sports" like the Toughman Contest are doing better than actual Professional Boxing. The main problems with Boxing right now are the 50 different Boxing organizations out there and bad judging that isn't monitored. Think about it: You can see the Super Bowl and World Series for free. But you can't even see two Heavyweight contenders fight for free in Boxing. Hopefully someone will come along and change things without turning Boxing into something like Wrestling.

ESPN's boxing page, espn.com/boxing is basically the FNF's homepage. It's usually my first stop for boxing news and Max Kellerman's articles are usually pretty accurate.