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Venus in Furs was also a band put together especially for the movie Velvet Goldmine.
Band members are:
  • Thom Yorke
  • Paul Kimble
  • Jon Greenwood
  • Bernard Butler
  • Andy Mackay
Some songs are sung by Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Ewan Mc Gregor, who play the main characters in the film.

Thom Yorke is in normal life the singer of Radiohead. In Venus in Furs he doesn't use his falsetto like he usually does, which is a nice change (he turns out to have a very beautiful voice) and makes him hard to recognize.
Paul Kimble used to be bass player for Grant Lee Buffalo (who also appear on the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack by the way), but seems to have gone solo.
Jon Greenwood is Radiohead's guitar player and general idiotic noise maker.
Bernard Butler used to be guitar player for Suede but has since embarked on a solo career.
Andy Mackay was saxophone player and founder member of Roxy Music.