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She sounds like me, as far as size. Those are my exact measurements and weight. I love food, personally, but I truly know how she may feel as far as hating her wide hips and shoulders and thinking that depriving herself of food may change that.
Here are some ideas.
  • If she is like me, her skeletal structure has determined that she is destined to have broad shoulders and hips. No amount of starving herself will be able to change that. Maybe you can jokingly point that out the next time she seems to believe otherwise.

  • Encourage her to eat good food. Comment on how great it is. Find new, cool restaurants. Not hot dog joints. Food is totally kick ass and not something to be avoided.

  • At the same time, encourage her to do healthy things either by herself or with you. The doctor-aided diet sounds cool and she sounds somewhat interested. Yoga is another thing that is fun and feels great, physically and mentally. Do a yoga tape together or join a class. Ride bikes. She may not shed pounds because it sounds like she's at a healthy weight already. But she will feel better about herself physically each time she does these kinds of active things. Belly dancing is something else I'd recommend; not only is it fun and active exercise but it also lends to a woman feeling sexy about her hips and realizing how seductive they are. They have belly dancing classes at the YMCA and other places, as it is slowly starting to become a more trendy method of fun and laid back exercise.

  • Go out salsa dancing. First of all, its all about the hips, and if she gets into it she will start to feel totally sexy. But also, even if you guys don't feel like joining in right away, watching the more seasoned salsa dancers on the floor might be beneficial to your friend. She'll encounter tons of women with her body type who are completely flaunting on the dance floor and bringing men to their knees. I used to waitress at a salsa dance joint and it was incredible how amazing some of these hard-core people were! Its fun to watch and do, and there are tons of like crazy confident women of all shapes.

  • Tell her she looks great in tank tops because of her beautifully defined shoulders. Tell her how nice her neck and legs look because she's so tall. Tell her she looks dope as hell when she wears tall shoes or shirts cut a certain way. In other words, let her know how specific parts of her body are really sexy, due to her more womanly build. Better yet, occasionally point out other women you find sexy who in some way resemble her physical characteristics. Maybe she really will start to realize that her type of body is really beautiful and just a different kind than those skinny chicks. Like I said, I have the same kind of build and spent years and years comparing myself in vain to more slender women. However, I have never had a shortage of men finding my body attractive and at some point I had a realization that wide hips and shoulders really are sexy. What will make the difference in your friend as far as real attractiveness will undoubtedly be her self-confidence.