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Make Poverty History Nodermeet: Subverting Social Justice agendas all in the name of a partay!
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If I was back, how would I know it?

In response to your question
"What is worth doing and what is worth having?"
I would like to say simply this.
It is worth doing nothing and having a rest; in spite of all
the difficulty it may cause, you must rest - otherwise you will
become RESTLESS!

Mr. Curly - The Curly Pyjama Letters
Michael Leunig

My mentor rocks.

/me misses sensei

/me misses Hermetic

There are never too many remembrances.

Te literally means virtue, but also denotes a kind of conviction or force. It is most often translated as "moral force", and it's directly opposed in meaning to Li, which denotes physical force.
from Te by Piter - Thu Nov 29 2001
borrowed with permission

2003.03.15 Glowing Fish says It's written "de" in pinyin.

feel blessed
-- every day, the
see you
and are glad
-- you
have collected
3 of their Golden


Things to do. Maybe.
  • algorithms
    • Trees, tries, searching, sorting
  • crypto stuff
  • Music/Lyrics/Albums
    • Nick Cave (incl, new Love Song lecture),

    • Reindeer Section

    • Badly Drawn Boy

    • Something For Kate
    • Moby
    • Outrospective
    • Zoe Johnston
  • Night's Dawn
    • Peter F Hamilton
    • neural nanonics
    • Edenists
  • photography
    • dof
    • lens selection
    • composition
    • Nikon

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