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I feel I should apologise to the ages. Another daylog I'm afraid.

I have a partially valid reason at the moment though, which is that I'm somewhere in the middle of moving house. Well, I say moving house but in reality I'm moving my paltry belongings from the bijou room I have perhaps mentioned previously, to new, mansionesque surrounds.

If I wanted to, I could swing an enormous great cat all over the place, it's that big, although I probably wouldn't be able to keep the exercise up for too long given that the room is also acting as a makeshift sauna during this temporary heatwave. This is a very British way of explaining that it's been slightly hotter this week than the norm for this time of year. Its something we are curiously unable to cope with - railway lines are in danger of buckling, roads melt, and pale fatties are taking their tops off and turning crimson. Apart from the fat nudity, it's not altogether unpleasant.

So last Sunday I went to look at the room, and promptly wrote a large cheque to secure it. Wednesday I moved a few things in, Thursday some more, and then on Friday I played homemaker. Bedding isn't cheap, but it is necessary, as are shelves and wine. This meant a series of weary trips on foot between the house and town and a weary time constructing shelves.

And then, joy of joy, the girlfriend (if she doesn't mind me calling her that) turned up and said how nice it all was. Hurrah!

Its even nicer now I've blown most of my pay cheque on a rather sexy Sony Widescreen tv. I wasn't sure about spending too much on a telly, but with a bit of persuasion, and some remarkably convenient logic - once I'd seen the 21 inch flatscreen, nothing else seemed quite worthy, but it was a bit pricey. Just along the shelf, however, was a 24 inch Widescreen. More expensive, naturally, but not by much. And reduced to clear, thus making it a bargain. Only a fool wouldn't have snapped it up!

Tonight's home adventure will be part two of a game called "Why is my motherboard so cr*p?" in which I will hopefully, thanks to the tracking down of a manual online, be able to persuade my PC to boot.

Not that there's much I'll want to do with it other than use it as a cumbersome jukebox. Not only do I not have broadband any more, but I don't even have a telephone line (and no digital telly, neither). I mean what kind of a life is this for a 21st Century boy?

The saddest thing is that I haven't played poker for a week, and it's starting to get to me. I made a pretty healthy profit last month - even watching Rounders couldn't put me off my game - so I might just have to bite the bullet and get connected again. Ideally I want to keep expenses down, but I usually find there's a logical justification for most outgoings, and in this case I'm pretty much guaranteed to make more at the tables than the cost of any monthly package I could find.

I mean, how could it go wrong?