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"...I've been waiting a long time

to fall down

on my knees..."

...In my own time, my own space and on my own terms. I feel so selfish for wanting it, needing it, but soon it will have to be reality, lest I lose my essence amidst the confusion and the upkeep. I don't really mind the helping. It satisifies me to know that I can and am making lives a little easier.

"...I'm here all alone with my feet on the ground

and my face in the air,

waiting for life to begin..."

...Waiting, waiting, waiting. The word is beginning to grate on my nerves. I hear it constantly, everywhere I turn. I wish i could strike it from the English language. The only thing worse than hearing it, of course, is living in its shadow. It sits on my chest, heavy, pushing the air from my body and the optimism from my spirit. t is always with me in the form of this low grade headache that I can never quite get rid of, reminding me that it is ever right behind me, encroaching upon me and preventing me from doing any of the things I want, need, am begging to do.

- L.A.S.