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Lead guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, visual artist and source of constant bemusement for Rheostatics fans everywhere.

Martin's voice is usually described as 'otherworldly'; his vocal range is usually enough to knock the wind out of an uninitiated Rheostatics concert-goer. Besides this, however, he is one of those people whose sheer ability to make his guitar do anything he wants has reduced more than one aspiring player to tears. Once upon a live concert, his Steinberger broke down in the middle of a song, and after he'd finished making the most frustrated facial expression in the world, he proceeded to do handstands on the tiny, crowded stage for the rest of his solo.

His preferred weapons:
Steinberger electric
Encore Sunburst arch top electric
Takamine classical CP-132S
Fender 8 string Pedal Steel

Martin's artwork is available to buy, but it's most easily found on the covers of all their albums. Martin also performs and writes on his side project, Nick Buzz. Their first (and only) album, Circo, also featured Jon Goldsmith, Hugh Marsh, and Rob Piltch.