I'm told that bikaver is Hungarian for "bull's blood", and in the Hungarian town of Eger they make a red wine by that name from the native Kadarka variety of grape (and others; the wine is blended, according to the sources I've found on the web).

I'm told that there's also a Spanish red wine called "Sangre de Toro", which means just the same thing. Due to inexperience I can't comment on the Spanish version, but the Hungarian stuff will put hair on your chest. I usually see it for four or five bucks, in a black bottle with a bright red stylized bull's head on the label. Frequently, it'll be labelled "Egri Bikaver", "egri" being indicative of the town of Eger. One source says Eger is in Transylvania, but I wouldn't make too much of that -- and besides, Transylvania is in Romania now.