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To learn the secrets of having sex with many different women at once while avoiding all possible consequences.
If I ever find a girl who knows more about DNS, Perl, Sendmail, Apache, MySQL, or the linux kernel than I do, I'm going to marry her.
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September 23, 2002
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"Just because it's chicken flavored, doesn't mean it's real chicken."

"Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the world isn't against you, and the jelly side is just heavier?"

"This is an art - not a toy or a simple tool. You have to understand your computer. You have to learn how it works. You do not use your computer - you and your computer work together to reach a goal. It's a give and take relationship, man."

"Personal Ad for today: Lonely male computer science major seeks geek female linux hacker for accomplice and freaky sexual partner. A pretty face is a plus. A nice 'box' is a definate plus. Must have pocket sized Kama Sutra and Perl Reference Guide. Win2k/xp users need not apply."

"You make me doubt my sexuality." -One of the greatest compliments ever given to me.