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I hate being powerless. I'm so much more comfortable when I can guide and direct life, or at least be pleased with the direction it's going. That's not the case in the instance of my ex-husband and my ex-best friend. I need to spew and vent and get it out..and this is the forum I'm choosing, so you might want to move on.

My husband and I split up about 9 months ago. We remain good friends for the most part and see each other alot. We have two kids whom we both adore and things are fairly smooth. Then the ex-best friend moves in.

This woman was my "best friend" for a period of about 9 months a few years ago. During that time I got to know the real person behind her oh-so-pretty-and-sweet facade. I realized when we were close that she's a huge RX drug addict and has a constant stream of physcosomatic illnesses and injuries that keep her in vicodin all the time. When she can't do it legally, she turns to some illegal avenues, or asks people she knows for the drugs. She also hates kids (despite having two herself) and would rather just keep kids out of sight. She also has a rage problem, and on two separate occasions I debated on whether to call the cops on her when she was shouting horrible things at her children and jerking them around. Unfortunately, she's also very beautiful, smart, and charming and an expert at using people. I was her best friend, her "long lost sister" for awhile, until she found a new man to take my place, then she never called again.

So..this woman is pursuing my ex....hard. He's laid back to the extreme, and would happily let any woman do all the chasing. She's playing up to his needs...trying to convince him of what a wonderful mom she is, of what a nice person she is, etc. And it looks to me like he's buying it all. She's this caring, loving person who gives him attention and sex...and he's falling for it.

The main concern I have is for my kids. They're already drawing away from him, as he's been working alot, and If I know Jan(and I do..very very well), she'll be needing him more and more and finding excuses to pull him away from the kids...ever so slowly and subtly. The kids know what she's like, as they saw her with her kids, and with the "nice face" off when we were friends, but my ex was never around much to see it, and I didn't share her problems with him.

ARGGGGHHHHHH. God..Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

If you read this far...sorry for dumping my soap opera here, but it needed to get out of my brain.