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Laying short pieces of hardwood flooring 1 1/4 inches thick all the way across at a 30 x 15 room is not a fun way to spend your time. You have to go 1 row at a time tapping the tongue of the one piece into the groove of the other, over and over and over and over again. Also, you have to do most of this on your knees, the only person who gets to stand up is the one who operates the nailer and they have to be hunched over swinging a mallet.

A word of advice: Use a wooden handled hammer when laying pieces. Then simply set the piece in place, tap it from the front with the wooden handle then use the hammer end to bang it sideways into its neighboring piece. Then the person operating the nailer comes around swinging the mallet wildy at you. Then you get to repeat the laying of the pieces over and over and over until you come to a wall or some weird angle which then makes it so you have to cut pieces into crazy shapes.

All in all it isn't that bad of a job as long as you have a nice pair of knee pads. You can make good money doing hardwood floors and it looks cool when your done. :)

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