Born in 1662: Died in 1662 Events of 1662:
  • Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, publishes a collection of the Plays she has written.
  • Robert Boyle forlumates a mathematical law governing the behavior of gases.
  • The English Parliament crushes the people who had helped them gain power.
  • Charles II
    • grants a charter to several New Haven planters expanding the colony in area, forming a new colony, Connecticut.
    • grants a charter to several English scientists and tinkerers who had been meeting since 1645, allowing them to call themselves the Royal Society.
    • marries a Portuguese princess, Catherine of Braganza, alarming those trying to expunge Catholicism from England.
  • Louis XIV
    • acquires the Paris Gobelins tapestry factory.
    • expels Sephardic Jews from France.
  • Polish king Jan II Casimir grants a 'writ of privelige' allowing Jews to live in Poland.
  • French settlers in Newfoundland begin building their new capital, Plaisance, to counter growing English power based in Avalon.
  • Quaker leader George Fox is thrown in prison.
  • Plymouth Colony worthies, unable to get Wamsutta to sell them land fast enough, decide to try force. Wamsutta and his retainers are taken at gunpoint to Plymouth to be threatened. Wamsutta catches something (smallpox?) and dies on the joutney home. Metacom begins selling lands to the colonists again, but the road to war in 1675-1676 is set.
  • English slave traders build a fort on the Gold Coast that would later be surrounded by the city of Accra.

1661 - 1662 - 1663

How They Were Made - 17th Century

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