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Born in 1806: Died in 1806: Events of 1806:
  • Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort designs a wind scale.
  • Ottoman Sultan Selim III replaces his governors of Wallachia and Moldavia for being too friendly with Russia. Russia declares war in on Turkey in December.
  • General Alexandre Sabès Pétion takes over Southern Haiti; he struggles for control with Henry Christophe who controls the north.  Some sources say that the United States initiates an embargo against Haiti; others say that France and Spain talked them into it.
  • The British government in Madras prohibits beards and caste-marks for Sepoy troops, who mutiny. The mutiny is crushed but the prohibitions are removed.
  • Aaron Burr builds a private army in Ohio with the intent of seceding his territory in Louisiana, invading Mexico, and setting up a petty kingdom.  His general, James Wilkinson, tells President Thomas Jefferson of the plot and Jefferson orders Burr arrested.
  • Meriwether Lewis and William Clark travel home.
    • (March 11) The break camp at Fort Clatsop in Oregon.
    • (March 23) They reach the Columbia River and start start back up, dickering with the local Indian tribes along the way.
    • Heavy snow in the Bitterroot Mountains prohibits them from crossing until (June 24). Two Nez Perce guides show them the way across.
    • (July 3) On the other side of the Bitterroots, Lewis and Clark split up for a while.
      • Lewis travels north into the territory of the Blackfeet Indians.
      • Clark and Sacajewea travel south.
        • They follow a trail that I-90 follows today to the Yellowstone River, then float down that river.
        • (July 25), Clark carves his initials in Pompey's Rock (near present day Billings, Montana), the only surviving archaeological evidence of the expedition.
        • (August 3) Clark reaches the Missouri River and meets up with Clark.
      • (August 14) They reach Fort Mandan in North Dakota, where they had spent the winter of 1804-1805.
      • (September 23) St. Louis, at last.
  • Zebulon Pike leads an expedition to find the source of the Arkansas and Red Rivers.
    • (July 15) Pike leaves St. Louis.
    • (Late August) Pike reaches the Osage Indians, repatriating 30 priosoners taken by the Potawotami.  He stays with the Osage for two weeks.
    • (September 29) Pike has a Spanish flag taken down and an American one hoisted at a Pawnee village in western Kansas.
    • (November 5) The expedition sights a peak now named after Pike, the first sign of the Rocky Mountains.  Pike eventually tries to climb this mountain and fails. He wanders around in the Rocky Mountains, looking for the Red river; he finds the Arkansas.  Traveling further, he finds another river which turns out to be the Rio Grande:  He has left the U.S. and is now in New Spain.
  • The fallout from the Napoleon Bonaparte's victory at Austerlitz the previous year continues:
  • Prussia, Great Britain, Russia, and Sweden form a Fourth Coalition against Napoleon.
    • (October 1) Prussian King Friederich Wilhelm III delivers an ultimatum to France, demanding the withdrawal of all troops east of the Rhine. I can hear Napoleon's laughter now
    • (October 6) The coalition is announced, and Prussia declares war.
    • (October 14) Napoleon destroys the Prussian army at the Battle of Jena.
    • (Octover 14) Marhsal Davout defeats a different Prussian army at the Battle of Auerstedt.
    • (October 27) Napoleon occupies Berlin, marching his army through the Brandenburg Gate.
    • (November 8) Magdeburg and 22,000 Prussian troops under von Kleist surrender without a shot being fired.
    • (November 22)  Friederich Wilhelm mulls over acceptance of Napoleon's crushing peace terms.  His wife eventually talks him out of it.  Napoleon spends November chasing down various detachments of the Prussian Army.
    • (November 27) Marshal Murat occupies Warsaw.
    • (November 28) Russia declares war.
    • (December 26) Poland is very muddy. Davout's cannons get stuck in the mud and his army is stopped at Pulutsk, for the time being.
    • (December 27) Serbian rebels capture Belgrade from the Janissaries.
  • France and Great Britain trade trade barriers:
    • (November 21) Napoleon's Continental System forbids trade between Great Britain and all other nations in Europe.
    • Great Britain's Orders of Council keeps neutral countries from trading with seaports in the Continental System (Britannia ruled the waves if not the Continent).

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