I do not know myself, and God forbid that I should.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Conversations with Eckermann

His Majesty's dominions, on which the sun never sets.

- Christopher North, Noctes Ambrosianae

I call upon you therefore to cast your eyes upon the wretchedness of your brethren, and to do your utmost to enlighten them go to work and enlighten your brethren! Let the Lord see you doing what you can to rescue them and yourselves from degradation.

- David Walker's appeal

It will be my sincere and constant desire to observe toward the Indian tribes within our limits a just and liberal policy, and to give that humane and considerate attention to their rights and their wants which is consistent with the habits of our Government and the feelings of our people.

- Andrew Jackson, from his inaugural address. See below.

Born in 1829:

Died in 1829: Events of 1829:

1828 - 1829 - 1830

How they Were Made - 19th Century

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Created upon request. I feel so...used. so...cheap.

Board game published by Hartland Trefoil in the UK based on the railway boom of the 19th century. Players competed to make a fortune by building and operating railways across England and Wales (an expansion kit later added Scotland to the equation) and dealing in railway shares. The actual railway construction mecanics used a limited supply of hexagonal tiles placed on the map between companies' historical starting points with different sets showing increasingly complex layouts used as the game went on; trains were then run between towns on routes selected to maximise profits.

The game system was licensed to Avalon Hill, who produced an variant on a map of the United States under the name of 1830. It seems clear that the game influenced later computer games on the same subject, particularly Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon and its descendants.

Anyone out there who can get me a copy of the rules, which my set is missing, will be rewarded at least by seeing this writeup made more substantial ...

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