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A few months back, I purchased a bottle of this wine at our state liquor store on sale for $18. I had read a really positive review of it and decided to get one to hang onto. Now, one of the primary rules about buying wines to save is that you should drink them first to see if, in fact, you like them. Sage advice. But in this case I didn't want to buy another bottle at $18, so I stuck it in the "cellar" and left things to blind chance.

The other night, I visited a local supermarket that I tend to avoid, but at the time I needed to go to someplace close by. Passing by their wine section, I happened to notice several bottles of this wine selling for $12. This was odd, as stores usually raise the prices of wines after they receive high marks from a wine reviewer, in this case a 90 from Wine Spectator. I bought one to see what it was I had aging in my "cellar."

This is a magnificent wine. A deep, stunning red, it shows few traces of blue at the edges and seemed therefore ready to drink. The aroma was multilayered, offering on first sniff black pepper and something jammy; and on second sniff, hints of chocolate and a touch of vanilla. The taste was full and rich, offering a layer of delicate fruit that seems to be Sonoma's trademark, alongside nice acidity and moderate, smooth tannins. The finish was long and lingering. Great flavor, great balance, great value. This morning I went and bought an additional five bottles (blowing my budget, but what the hell) before someone else realized how good this wine was.

On a food note: I drank this alongside hot dogs with ketchup, followed by Keebler Grasshopper cookies. THIS WAS A GOOD FOOD-WINE PAIRING, believe it or not. The wine really brought out the mint in the cookies.

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