Big Idea Productions has broadened their horizons and refined their animation skills by adding arms and legs to their characters in their second computer animated series "3-2-1 Penguins". This series, like their debut series "Veggie Tales" focuses on teaching Christian values to children (and adults) in a more creative way then the various conventional Bible story animated series. This "Big Idea" is what heeds Big Idea Productions slogan "Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun." Although I have yet to view the lastest episode, the first is well worth 30 minutes of your time, teaching children and adults the importance of patience and waiting your turn.

This new series consists of four space cowboys, ur um, cowpenguins(?), Zidgel, Midgel, Fidgel and Kevin, and a pair of twins, Jason and Michelle. The twins are 'stuck' at Grandmum's cottage for the summer, Jason hates it, Michelle loves it. This series already contains plenty of running gags such as never seeing Grandmum's face with many more becoming obvious in episodes to come. Jason stumbles across a 'magic' cardboard box in the attic, much like the cupboard in "Indian in the Cupboard". The penguin figurines and a toy spaceship fall in, and the spaceship flies out with Zidgel at the controls. They proceed to shrink Jason and wisk off into space to save the Planet Wait-Your-Turn.

In the new episode, "The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka," its Michelle's turn.

Very glad to see that "Monty Python-ish" humor carry over into this series, although not quite as prevalent as in VeggieTales, and thankful to see Big Idea Productions adding to our choices for "Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun". Also, greatly anticipating the premier of Jonah, and interested so see how Archibald Asparagus performs as Jonah.

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