3d modelling (alt. spelling; 3d modeling) in computers is the process of taking data and representing it in a 3d format; Often this means using 3d modelling software and using it to create mathematical 3d representations in an intuitive manner.
The term is equally valid for automated data collection that is then presented in a 3d form; For example, from stereography or 3d scanning. Has applications in the fields of entertainment, architecture, scientific analysis and product design.

The act of generating 3D computer data which is interpreted by a 3D rendering engine. A quick list of common 3D modeling methods. These processes are usually but not always done with in the application that will (or at least can to a degree) render the object. There are however some masochistic souls have been known to manually generate data that is interpreted by these or other methods.

The term can also be applied to the act of creating a 3D representation of a database of any size.

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