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A'Donai Ro'i Lo Echsar

Composed From Psalm 23

This is a song that is written in hebrew. The gist of it is praising God Almighty. It was written into four parts. I have the original single-part below, and will add the four-part version as I can get it.

    The first part is an introduction performed by a single vocalist:

    A-do-nai  ro-i  lo ech-sar

    bin-ot  de-she  yarbi-tzei-ni

    al  mei  m'nu-chot,  al  mei m'nu-chot

    y'-na-ha-lei- - -ni

    Naf-Shi  y'Sho-veiv  yan-chei'ni

    Mag-lei-tze  dek  yan-cheini maglei

    tze-dek  l'ma'an-sh'mo

    Gam-ki  ei'leich  b'gei  tza'lma vet

    lo-i-ra  ki-a-tah  i-ma-di  shiv-t'cha

    v-mi shan-te-cha  hei-mah  ah

    ta'a roch  l'fa-nai  l'fa-nai  shul-chan

    ne-ged-tzo  r'-rai  di-shan-ta  va-she-men

    roshi  ko-si  r'va-yah

    Ach-Tov'  che-sed  y'mei  cha-yai

    v'shav  ti

    Ado'nai  l'o-rech  yam-mim-ah  Ado'nai

    Ado'nai  roi  lo  lo (hold out) ech  (long) sar

This song is often sung at weddings, Barmitzvah's, Batmitzvah's, and at Christmas times. The song is one long prayer, though the way that it is supposed to be performed would not suggest it as such. It is sung in a minor key and is not very happy or joyous in tune. The Psalm itself is from The Bible, though the arrangement of the music was wre-written by a man by the name of Gerald Cohen

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