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Dear Mr. Joyce,

         I am sorry, but I am afraid we cannot publish "The Two Gallants" as it stands; indeed, the printers, to whom it was sent before I read it myself, say that they won't print it. You see that there are still limitations imposed on the English publisher! I am therefore sending it back to you to ask you either to suppress it, or, better, to modify it in such a way as to enable it to pass. Perhaps you can see your way to do this at once.

         The same thing has to be done with two passages marked in blue pencil on page 15 of "Counterparts."          Also -- you will think I am very troublesome, but I don't want the critics to come down on your book like a cart load of bricks -- I want you to give me a word that we ["I" crossed out in ink] can use instead of 'bloody' in the story "Grace."

Correspondence Regarding Joyce's "Dubliners":
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