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A Miracle of Science

A Miracle of Science is a webcomic set in 2148.

MoS is written by Jon Kilgannon and illustrated by Mark Sachs.
The plotline, as this is a new webcomic, is fairly simple.

  • Benjamin Preter, our protagonist, is a member of the Vorstellen Police. He is currently on a mission to track down a Mad Scientist.
  • Caprice Quevillion is an envoy from Mars, on loan to the Vorstellen Police for the express purpose of tracking down Mirable Dictu, the Mad Scientist that Benjamin is attempting to track down.
  • Gustave Nyerere is Benjamin Prester's superior in the Vorstellen Police. He is actually the commander of the VP, has a doctorate in Criminal Law, and has an excellent history of serving and leading the law, and its enforcement officers.
  • Mars. Mars is another peculiarity of MoS. Mars has the ability to act as one individual. This is no doubt the source of their extremely advanced technology. This Hive Mind effect works over extremely long distances, appearing to surpass the speed of light
    Political Situation:
  • Solar Parliament. The Solar Parliament is the 100+years from now equivalent of the UN. More of a UP, though, and should they ever decide to start sending packages around, well, United Plants Shipping is only a step away from
  • Mars has everyone by the balls, due to the fact that they have the incredible technology of 'Vector Control'. Caprice relies extensively on this, while her partner relies on nanotechnology. All that we know of Vector Control is that you can do some crazy stuff with it. See aerobraking, air containment shields, and spacecraft, and that it has to do with controlling the vectors of material at a distance.
  • Earth. Earth is a more traditional science fiction device. It is a planet, with many people on it. The most powerful voting world in the Solar Parliament. Inhabitants of Earth are pretty damn relaxed, and stress-less, their standards of living having come up somewhat since the 00's.
  • Moon. Subsidiary of Earth. Vacuum manufacturing. Neo-stalinist government.
  • Venus. A recently colonized and terraformed planet. Home to only a few million. The government is fossilized, authoritarian, and oppressive.

Particularly interesting in the Universe of MoS, is the disease Science Related Memetic Disorder. SMRD (Science Related Memetic Disorder), is a disease of ideas, transmitted from person to person through a variety of mediums. The most susceptible person to an attack of SMRD is an engineer, programmer, or other intellectual who has had multiple ideas shot down, or 'flamed' by peers.
This person will come into contact with another person who has, or had, SMRD through, as stated before, a variety of mediums. Such mediums are books of 'kooky', or 'fringe' science. One such book is the Crack Theories of Robotics. This book's possession is under close scrutiny at all times, due to the dangerous nature of the disease it can incur. However, many libraries still keep copies on the shelves due to 'clerical errors' and old fashioned notions of Free Speech. Another way that SMRD may be transmitted, although unintentionally, is through online kooky/fringe publications and rants.
Apparently, SMRD, being of a neurological disorder can be treated by taking pills of some sort. One scientist arrested by Benjamin Prester said by way of excuse for not taking his pills that it gave him flashes of insight that were amazing.

So maybe SMRD isn't all bad.

A Miracle of Science can be found at http://www.project-apollo.net/mos

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