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Our two families had been friends for years, I never really knew why. I only knew that I kept with them because their youngest daughter was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, a girl I had had a hopeless crush on for years. She was lively, genuinely nice, and was also the only girl who understood and laughed at my obscure and bizarre jokes. I felt a real connection with this girl, but I could tell she only had anything to do with me because I was just the nerdy guy who made her laugh.

I still took every opportunity to be around her, especially since she and her family had moved away so that I never got to see her anymore. I had accepted this invitation to dinner, our two families, and I hoped that now I was a little older and calmer and better dressed that maybe I could make a good impression on her. I sat on their sofa waiting for her to arrive, bored out my mind.

Eventually I heard the front door open and my heart leaped, butterflies in my stomach at the mere thought of just seeing her again. I waited for what seemed an eternity, and then the living room door opened and I almost began shaking in anticipation, and watched enchanted as she walked in. She smiled at us, that perfect smile which melted me every time, and said "Hi! This is my boyfriend!"

I watched her boyfriend walk in, my face frozen into a retarded grin. To say my heart sank would be an understatement. My life force drained away, leaving me an empty shell until all that was left was a twisted mind, shattered and broken.

I eyed up the boyfriend as he put his arm around her and kissed her cheek. He was a good dresser. He looked like a nice guy. They looked pretty good together in fact. She certainly looked happy with him.

"ASSWIPE!" I yelled, leaping up from the sofa and flooring the guy with one swing. I promptly sat back down as if nothing had happened, amidst the looks of horror and shock, looking completely calm and collected except for the screaming insanity in my eyes.

Oddly enough, I haven't been invited back...

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