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I was going to try to just let folks sit and watch this supposedly unbiased media as the elections get closer, and then ask questions after it was over. However, I heard one today that I just couldn't let go by without comment.

I believe Disney owns ABC News, and I know that Uncle Walt would be puking frozen chunks in his cryogenic chamber if he could have heard the radio news today. This 5-minute top of the hour broadcast from ABC has been one of the most obviously biased sources so far, but they really overplayed their hand today. Here was the story, in summary:

(Newsbunny): "Ever wonder what the psychics are saying about the debate tonight? Well, one Tarot Card reader we spoke to said this:"

(Cut to quote from anonymous male psychic): "The cards show an aura of confusion surrounding George W. Bush. It's an unmistakable aura of confusion."

That's what we would call REAL NEWS, isn't it? And it sure is an UNBIASED look at the pseudo-news, isn't it?

For the life of me, I cannot understand how otherwise brilliant people will not open their eyes and see the truth about the Liberal Media. Hell, I don't care why it exists or what could be done to fix it. All I want you to do is ADMIT IT.

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