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Kennel is the NATO reporting name for the AS-1 air-to-surface cruise missile, designated KS-1 by the USSR. Kennel, like the US Regulus missile of the same era, looks remarkably like a small fighter plane, complete with a high tail assembly. The missile is subsonic, turbojet-powered, with a range of about 90km. Its launch weight is about 2700kg and its warhead is about 900kg. It uses a combination of command and semi-active radar guidance.

It was produced from 1953 to 1960 for use on the Tu-16 Badger-B, though it wasn't seen by the West until 1961. It seems to have been supplanted by the generally superior AS-2 Kipper very quickly. It was later adapted for use as a surface-to-surface missile, known to NATO as the SSC-2a Salish and SSC-2b Samlet.

Information obtained from the Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network (www.fas.org). As always, publically available information on military hardware tends to be fragmentary and inconsistent; please do not use this information to plan a war.

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