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How can you describe Aberdaron?

Well, for once, it's in North - Wales. A fiercely anti - english (well, who isn't), staunchly independent area, this corner of the UK is the epitomy of welshness and most certainly the first language is welsh.

The most western village in Wales (well, apart from Uwchmynydd, but that's just a couple of houses), Aberdaron is an old whitewashed fishing village at the mouth of the river (well, some would call it a trickle) Daron, in a small valley on the sea shore. It's about 45 minutes away from the next supermarket and 3 hours from the next mall, so shopoholics shouldn't go. It nevertheless has clear air, great walks, Beardsey Island and great people.

It has a population of about 500, of whom most seem to be packed into the one of the two local pubs on a saturday night - The Ship - and an absolutely gorgeous, sandy beach that is populated by english tourists in the summer.

When I first entered the Ship in 1987, it was one of those moments you'll never forget: everybody turned around, stared at me and instantly started speaking welsh. I got my beer, sat in the corner, and started reading my Pratchett and was left alone. This repeated itself every weekend for about 4 weeks (it was winter, so there were no strangers apart from me). One night, while I got myself another beer, the barkeeper asked me "mate, where are you from?" When I told him the european country I am from, he shouted: "Everyone: he's allright, he's not English!" to the rest of the guests, and suddenly people smiled, started speaking English, and bought me beer. Things like this can only happen in Aberdaron (and everywhere in Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland).

Things to do: Walk

Things to bring: a good liver and waterproof gear.

Things not to say: "How quaint, this is so different from London...."

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