An land-based unit available to the Undead in the hit 2002 game Warcraft III

Physical Description: Composed of multiple bodies sewn gruesomely together, these huge neanderthals are stretched and stitched skin, broken teeth, massive bloated stomachs, sporting a massive gash where their mixed entrails hang out. They have an additonal limb, and have huge, meat cleaver-like appendages instead of hands.

Requirements: Built at: Slaughterhouse, requires: Black Citadel, allows: none

Spells and Abilities: The Abomination is the "tank" of the Undead army. They receive Unholy armor and Unholy strength upgrades from the Graveyard, despite not having any visible armour. Abominations (and Meat wagons) can also be given the Disease cloud upgrade, which causes enemies that come near them to lose a small number of HP per second for two minutes. This effect does not stack with additional Abominations, but can effectively nullify any natural regeneration that a unit may have.

Gameplay: Abominations are truly awful creations. They herald a level of dominance (or confidence) in an Undead commander. Being tier 3 units, they have large requirements in terms of prerequisites, and are built at the second tier builing that takes longest to build. On the upside though, they have HUGE numbers of HP, and do large amounts of damage, and are the next logical progression to ghouls. Because of their large HP, they are also best paired up with the Death Knight for his Death coil ability, which can heal fully half their HP with a well placed coil. However, they are considered large targets, and are absolutely eaten up by ranged units (with focussed fire). If the enemy moves to lots of archers/spellcasters, switch to ghouls with Ghoul frenzy. Best used for finishing off or assembly in to a spearhead, they move a little slowly compared to other tanks (like the Human knights), and also make a deep, subtle BOOMING sound with each step, giving away their location. But it sounds cool if you are listening for it ;-)

Warcraft III Undead Guide

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Information gleaned from:
  • My own lovingly played copy of Warcraft III
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A villain published by Marvel Comics. The Abomination first appeared in Tales to Astonish #90 in 1967.

Emil Blonsky was originally a spy for the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War. Having discovered the efforts of General Thunderbolt Ross and his team to create a gamma bomb, the Soviets sent Blonsky in to infiltrate the New Mexico base where Ross and his team were (including the brains behind the experiments, Dr. Bruce Banner). Blonsky was to sabotage the experiments and missile tests, which he did, though he was never discovered.

After Banner's accident that transformed him into the Incredible Hulk, the intergalactic menace known as the Stranger came to Earth and declared that he would destroy mankind, rather than let them use their knowledge of atomic energy to construct bombs. To this end, the Stranger put Banner's alter-ego, the Hulk under his control and used him to begin man's destruction.

Unbeknownst to the Stranger, his control of the Hulk did not extend to Banner. Banner decided to kill himself rather than allow the Hulk to be used in such a manner. Being that Banner is a science geek, he decided that irradiating himself with a tremendous dose of radiation was an easier way to go than a bullet through his temple. Before he could use the device, however, Banner was taken into custody by the military police, and in the now abandoned lab, Blonsky exposed himself to the massive radiation dose meant for Banner.

The result of the radiation was not that Blonsky dropped dead from the radiation after losing all his hair, teeth, and mental faculties, but instead, he changed into a green skinned monster. Dubbed the Abomination by Betty Banner (then Betty Ross), Blonsky found that he could not change back into his normal form, like Banner, possessed his normal intelligence and possessed much greater strength than the Hulk. After the Abomination kidnapped Ross's daughter Betty, Ross turned the Hulk lose to find his missing love. Eventually, Banner was able to track the Abomination and drain some of his power, eventually defeating him as the Hulk. Over the years, the Abomination has clashed with the Hulk on many occasions, sometimes alone and sometimes at the behest of others. The Abomination has worked with MODOK, the underground menace of Tyrannus, and the Leader. He is also responsible for the death of Betty Banner, Banner's wife and love of many years.

A*bom`i*na"tion (#), n. [OE. abominacioun, -cion, F. abominatio. See Abominate.]


The feeling of extreme disgust and hatred; abhorrence; detestation; loathing; as, he holds tobacco in abomination.


That which is abominable; anything hateful, wicked, or shamefully vile; an object or state that excites disgust and hatred; a hateful or shameful vice; pollution.

Antony, most large in his abominations. Shak.


A cause of pollution or wickedness.

Syn. -- Detestation; loathing; abhorrence; disgust; aversion; loathsomeness; odiousness.

Sir W. Scott.


© Webster 1913.

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