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An airborne unit available to the Undead in the hit 2002 game Warcraft III

Physical Description: A large, bone dragon with leathery, purple wings and baleful purple eyes. A MASSIVE unit, it strikes fear in to the uninitiated who encounter them.

Requirements: Built at: Boneyard, requires: Black Citadel, Sacrificial Pit, allows: none

Spells and Abilities: The Frost wyrm, being a creature rather than a humanoid, benefits from the creature carapace and creature attack upgrades at the Undead Graveyard, allowing it to benefit greatly from armour and attack improvements common to the Crypt fiend and Gargoyle. Its interesting to note that the creature upgrades are only for the "anti-air" units that the Scourge fields. On top of the standard upgrades, the Frost wyrm can learn freezing breath, a fantastic upgrade that allows any unit attacked to be slowed, as well as improving the splash damage and adding slow capabilities to that. However, the best aspect of this ability is the fact that it TOTALLY halts buildings in their tracks - no production, no repair, no attack (towers). This alone makes the "flying seige" of the Undead to be feared by any turtling player.

Gameplay: Frost wyrms are massive in all respects - massive prerequisites (tier 3, Sacrificial Pit), massive cost (450 Gold, 120 lumber and 7 (yes, 7!) food - more than any other in the game) and massive build time - a full MINUTE of the game. They also are huge targets - physically as big as some BUILDINGS in the game, they are usually focussed on as soon as they are spotted. Given the Undead's lack of healing, it is best to couple a LIMITED NUMBER of them with a Dread Lord for healing - the huge heals of a level 3 death coil is actually wasted on most units, but not of the wyrms. Keeping them alive can really turn the side of a battle - anti-magic shell, death coil make a brutal monster even more effective. As a word of warning, DON'T mass wyrms - they are just too big, and too slow to turn a battle if used exclusively - plus the 450 gold is better spent on an abomination and a ghoul, with change!

Warcraft III Undead Guide

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Information gleaned from:
  • My own lovingly played copy of Warcraft III
  • www.battle.net/war3
  • www.warcraftiii.net
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