The Tier 2 town hall building for the Undead in Warcraft III.

Requirements: Necropolis
Cost: 300 Gold, 150 Lumber
Buildings Allowed: Temple of the Damned, Slaughterhouse, Sacrificial Pit, (Black Citadel). Is the only Undead building allowed to be summoned on normal (non-blighted) ground.
Units Created: Acolyte (15 seconds)
Upgrades Available: Black Citadel (2 minutes)

Stats: Build time: 2 minutes. Armor: 5. HP: 2000. Attack: Piercing, doing 41-50 damage at a range of 80.

The Halls of the Dead allows a huge tech advance for the Scourge armies. It is the focal point of an Undead base, and is one of two Undead town halls to have a super tower attack. This attack, coupled with its HUGE number of HP, and good armour, makes it a formidable defence for an expansion or main base alike. The new buildings it allows give the Undead most of its advances - most players don't go beyond Necromancers or Abominations. Much like the Necropolis, because of the requirement of Undead buildings to be summoned on blighted ground only, and because Haunted Gold mines are able to be summoned on free mines, generating a radius of blight, they are often not summoned at new expansions, even though they should, even if for Scroll of Town Portal uses only!

Warcraft III Undead Guide

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Information gleaned from:
  • My own lovingly played copy of Warcraft III
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