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Like a tonsil, but this one's behind your nose instead of your throat.

Often removed with the tonsils when a tonsillectomy is perfomed. You'd call the procedure an adenoidectomy.

A mass of lymphatic tissue at the back of the throat and behind the nose. "The adenoids" is a popular term for the swelling or enlargement of this tissue, which sometimes occurs in children and which makes breathing difficult.

From the BioTech Dictionary at http://biotech.icmb.utexas.edu/. For further information see the BioTech homenode.

Ad"e*noid (&?;), Ad`e*noid"al (&?;) a.

Glandlike; glandular.


© Webster 1913

Ad"e*noid (?), n. (Med.)

A swelling produced by overgrowth of the adenoid tissue in the roof of the pharynx; -- usually in pl.


© Webster 1913

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