Alert, Canada is the northernmost "city" in the world. Consider for a moment what life must be like there. The temperature is mind-numbingly cold (and I don't mean that its too cold to comprehend I mean that literally the cold will make your brain numb).<\p>

Getting there must be like finding Atlantis. I guess the best way would be to fly, although you probably have to fly through some pretty terrible weather. Good luck driving or sailing! The water is probably well below zero and filled with icebergs. Driving has got to be a joke. Alert is on like the tenth in a series of practicaly uninhabited giant blocks of ice, also known as islands. Automobile accidents are probably pretty high, not from collisions, as theres nothing to colide with, but from hitting a patch of ice and sliding all the way off the island. If there are even roads there, which i doubt, you'd have to take a ferry through the iceburgs every hundred miles or so (quite often in other words considering Alert is about 1500 miles from anywhere worth mentioning). Maybe all the people that got lost in the bermuda triangle ended up in Alert.<\p>

Also, think about the general quality of life. I imagine one all-purpose General Store/Town Hall with a Police Officer/Sheriff/Deputy/Mayor/Postman/Cashier who earns 10 diferent salaries from the Canadian goverment, but still earns below minimum wage because it costs more to ship the money out there than he earns.<\p>

If anyone has any more information about life in Alert, or just speculation, please let me know.<\p>

A*lert" (#), a. [F. alerte, earlier a l'erte on the watch, fr. It. all' erta on the watch, prop. (standing) on a height, where one can look around; erta a declivity, steep, erto steep, p. p. of ergere, erigere, to erect, raise, L. erigere. See Erect.]


Watchful; vigilant; active in vigilance.


Brisk; nimble; moving with celerity.

An alert young fellow. Addison.

Syn. -- Active; agile; lively; quick; prompt.


© Webster 1913.

A*lert", n. Mil.

An alarm from a real or threatened attack; a sudden attack; also, a bugle sound to give warning.

"We have had an alert."


On the alert, on the lookout or watch against attack or danger; ready to act.


© Webster 1913.

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