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Aliant is the name of the gestalt company formed by the merger of the four Atlantic Canada telephone companies: NBTel/Bruncor (New Brunswick), MTT (Maritime Telephone and Telegraph, Nova Scotia), IslandTel (Prince Edward Island) and NewTel (Newfoundland and Labrador). Each of the four companies operates more or less independently in its home province.

In addition to telephone service Aliant provides internet service through brand names such as Sympatico, Vibe, and Extreme Speed; cellular and paging service under the mobility brand and a digital cable service called Vibe Vision.

Aliant also owns iMagicTV a company that make equipment and software to deliver digital cable over ADSL lines and Prexar a New England Internet Service Provider. Aliant's largest shareholder is BCE (Bell Canada). Because of this the Aliant companies now get thier bandwidth from crummy Bell Nexxia instead of MCI or Country & Western, I mean Cable & Wireless.

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