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I look at myself and wonder if I'm someone you desire to talk to.
Do you look at me and feel a need to know more?
I struggle for the objectivity to decide this for myself but it won't come.
I want to talk to you but what if I'm not someone that excites you?
What if I can't make you laugh?

Should I just admire you from here and imagine what it would be like to hold you? Should I pretend you stare into my eyes with trust and affection?

I don't feel like I could ever deserve someone like you.
I don't think I could ever hold someone like you.
You're as unreal as a dream to me.
You're far from possible for me to love.

I'm not enough for you, am I?

I want you to see something in me. I want it to be there.
I'm not even worth a glance.
To you, I don't even exist.

I have this moment to worship you and soon it will pass.

I don't have the courage to make you see me.

I will imagine the sensation of your lips and the feel of your hair.
I will pretend that something stands out about me and you just have to talk to me.
I will envision how much you smile while I talk to you.
I will see the interest in your eyes.
I hold you close and share myself with you.
I look down and see our hands intertwined.

I see you go away.

I leave here knowing that you didn't see me.
I leave knowing that there was no reason you should have.

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