A program inaugurated in 1991 by the U.S. Department of Transportation, through the Federal Highway Administration, to recognize roads possessing six "intrinsic qualities": archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and scenic quality. FHA defines these as:

"America's Byways" covers two designations:

In order for a road to become an NSB or AAR, it must be nominated as such to the Secretary of Transportation through the scenic byway agency of the state or states in question. Any such nominations are required to include a corridor management plan, the purpose of which is to "preserve and enhance the unique qualities of the byway". There are currently 72 designated byways under the program in 32 states.

"America's Byways are a distinctive collection of American roads, their stories and treasured places. They are roads to the heart and soul of America. Byways are exclusive because of their outstanding qualities, not because byways are confined to a select group of people." -- http://www.byways.org

Primary source: America's Byways http://www.byways.org

America's Byways List/Metanode

List of byways accurate as of October 23, 2002. Several byways lie in more than one state. These are listed under every state through which they pass. Not all byways have corresponding nodes; the ones that do are pipelinked accordingly, where necessary.

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