A Canadian teacher who, while teaching in Surrey, England, at the age of 26, had sex with at least one of her teenage students -- "at least one" because she claimed she can't remember whether she had sex with a 15-year-old boy, but remembered a 16-year-old well enough to admit to that instance.

Gehring was charged with indecent assault. The case brought to light a certain amount of sexism: some called it "a schoolboy's dream" (and, frankly, I had such dreams as a schoolboy), while prosecuting attorneys asked whether anyone would say similar things were the sexes of teacher and student reversed.

Gehring had been investigated in 2000 on essentially the same basis, but denied it all around and was allowed to return to the classroom.

She will not be teaching anytime soon, however, as the Ontario College of Teachers has begun disciplinary proceedings and yanked her permit pending the results.

SOURCES: Ananova, The Guardian

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