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Recently, while driving from Seattle to Portland at 4am after participating in some good old-fashioned noder debauchery, I noticed a very interesting phenomenon.

Despite the fact that traffic was very light (as it tends to be at 4am on a Sunday), I noticed that the closer I got to the Oregon border, the more cars I saw driving slowly in the left lane. This wasn't a big problem, since the right lane was usually free and I have no compunctions against passing on the right (which is, in fact, legal in Oregon, though I'm not sure about Washington).

Perhaps left lane hogging has something to do with proximity to the state of Oregon?

Furthermore, I've noticed that, even deep within the heart of Oregon itself, lane hogs seem to be most prevalent during daylight hours. At night, most people will move to the right lane and let me pass if I approach quickly from behind, but during the day they won't budge an inch. Odd.

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