Exotic beauty, actress, and Keith Richards' main partner in crime (along with Mick, of course), during the years 1967-1977. Of Italian-German extraction, she early distinguished herself with the Living Theater in "Paradise Now", an avant-garde production featuring nudity among other wild touches. Originally, she set herself to seduce Brian Jones (who she photographed in Nazi regalia), when she began designing costumes for the band, but found her true apposite in Keith for whom she bore three children, of which two survive. It's Pallenburg's designs, more than anything else, that even now, define what rock-and-roll "looks like" -- tight pants, loose shirts, lots of scarves and jewelry, extravagant use of satin, velvet, and other shiny materials set off by the matte textures of jersey and denim. No slouch as an actress, she made "Performance" with Mick Jagger, and appeared with Jane Fonda in "Barbarella".

Arrested with Keith on several occasions, they became a kind of psychedelic Scott & Zelda couple as use of cocaine and heroin, along with their preoccupation with the occult caused them to plunge into madness.

Now older and wiser, she's been sighted as a DJ here and there...

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