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If I could have anything in the world that I'm fairly sure would never exist, it would be antigravity boobs. I've decided I don't really like bras. I'm sorry, I don't (I lied, I'm not sorry at all, but I am sorry I lied). They're generally a crappy idea. However, I like how my boobs look with a bra, along with uncomfortable things like an underwire (never padding, can't have someone grab for my boob and wonder where it is under the layers of sponge). And then there's the whole issue of, uhm, active nipples. I mean, I'd go without a bra, but it would look like I was cold all the freaking time, and I'm just very very slightly too big to go braless, so they'd be a little too bouncy. Not much. Don't assume I have huge breasts (well you could, but you'd be dissapointed if you ever saw them in person). So, I've decided that gravity defying boobs would be the perfect solution. I want them to look like I'm wearing a bra all the time, except without the bra part. Is that so much to ask? That way, gravity will have no effect on them and I won't have boobs down to my knees when I'm 70 (ok I'll be realistic, I don't have enough boob for them to sag that far...). They would just be there, and not have gravity, so they'd always be perfect.

But then, the nipple thing is still a problem... It seems I haven't thought this through completely. OK, antigravity boobs and nipples impervious to cold. They'd always have their very own nice, warm atmosphere around them, all the time. Ahh, perfect. Except when you might want to be perky... But that's a whole other ball game.

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