My mood has been getting worse all morning. (see The Joy of Being a Technician)

So, imagine my delight when a package arrives for me. The rumour of a delivery spreads meme-like across the department. Engineers of all shapes and sizes pop their heads above cupboards and partitions. I am a little scared of this new arrival, who knows what the package will contain. Some Engineers look jealous - why should a lowly technician receive a gift? Who loves dizzy enough that they would send him a present? Others look like they want to high five me and say things like "Well done mate!", or "Some of that, eh? Nudge Nudge, say no more!" Suddenly, because I have a non-spam package, I am a Sexual God.

I am dizzy's sense of trepidation.

I make my way to the Post Room, and ask the Post Guy for my package. "Oh, you mean the T-Shirts" He says. T-Shirts? I got all worked up about some Clothing?. I thank him, and wander back across the building to my desk, pausing briefly to wonder how he knew that there were T-Shirts in the package. (there's a customs sticker which states the contents) When I get back to my desk, I open the package. Some engineers try not to look too interested, while others nonchalantly stroll past my desk just as I'm opening the package. Inside are 3 T-Shirts from, which I had forgotten ordering. "T-Shirts?" asks an engineer. I feel like saying, "Yeah, my Girlfriend, who coincidentally looks just like Sandra Bullock and has many Bisexual close girlfriends, sent them". But I don't, I am admiring my new possessions:

  • A T-Shirt with "damn recursion" and several T-Shirts displayed within each other
  • A green T-Shirt with <body> on the front and </body> on the back.
  • A blue T-Shirt with a reversed copyright symbol on the front - copyleft, get it?

Yes, my happiness (and maybe loyalty or love) can be bought with a handful of T-Shirts

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