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Clearly you've never been to Singapore.

But I have, three times now and I've doubled my time spent here in the last few hours.

The first two were stopovers flying between .au and .uk. It was after a longish flight and I was tired and I didn't enjoy it very much. This time was after multiple legs of flights that took longer and it's at least as hot as last time but I seem to be doing ok and have quite enjoyed it so far.

The food has been great, I never see tea eggs (cha dan in Mandarin, Sensei's node is in Cantonese I think) in Australia (unless I make them) so that was nice for breakfast, I got some Katong Laksa which was pretty good (it's supposed to be awesome, Katong Laksa win awards and is quite famous actually, there's intense rivalry between about three stores there including the one I went to. Unfortunately, I lived in Sydney for years and so am quite spoilt for Laksa). Dumplings and black pepper crab puffs and Dragon Fruit juice round out my meals over the last 16 hours, there won't be time here to try all the dishes that I would like and I'll go away leaving some things never tasted (some sort of roast goose is on the cards for dinner tonight).

Singapore is also kind of expensive, relative to everywhere else in Asia so I'm cutting my stay here shorter than intended and getting on with business. Tomorrow or the day after, I'll head over to Malaysia and see what I can see. Also apply for a Chinese visa, the result of which is uncertain and effects (and affects!) all my travel plans for the next few weeks.

Oh, electronics are pretty cheap of course, got a 2gb SD chip for about AUD30 which is a bit of a steal I suspect. They were AUD42 in duty-free when I left. I sort of want to look at picking up a notebook while I'm here but I don't think I have the cash in my account to do that without really cramping my travels.

E2 addendum: The above was copied over from LJ. I was hoping to catch up with some noders while I'm in the area but Asia is pretty scarce for noders and all the Singaporean ones are inactive (even the ones the registry says are active) so I guess that won't happen. If I'm lucky and get a Chinese visa though, I'll start messaging people. My fallback plan is to go to India so it's possible I might track down Le Grande Mort and try and warn him off going to the US or something.

In the museum, a man ducks a velvet rope to put his baby daughter on the lap of the Buddha of Light.

The Buddha receives the offering of cameraflash
but it only makes the baby cry and the man scoops her up before
the security guard can look.

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