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So I was in the corner store looking for soda and cigarettes and the guy at the counter ("cashier" would've been a stretch) sent his brother, who had been busy making an adjustment to his hearing aid with a tiny screwdriver, into the back to get my brand from the stock. You'd think it was a oops-we're-out kinda thing if it weren't for the fact that they went through this every time. They weren't licensed to sell and were avoiding trouble. I like rituals like that.

So we're standing there, talking, not understanding a word the other is saying. He's speaking in an odd mix of Arabic and street slang and I'm speaking White Boy Trying To Be Cool In The Ghetto, Brooklyn Dialect, and somewhere in the middle of this he pulls two packs of smokes from a hidden compartment tucked away behind the plexiglass somewhere, and holds them up in confusion. Marlboro lights, and Marlboro light menthols.

"What is different?"

And I thought about it, and realized that he was right.

Ah, my fair noders, it has been far too long since I've last addressed you. I have been out in the wide, wild world having adventures of my own... but now I have returned, on a mission.

A mission to Sell You Something.

Don't worry, you'll like it.

For those of you not in The Know, Walter, jaubertmoniker and I are in a band called Seize Them!. This band is awesome. This band is so awesome that we spent several months recording and mixing a five-song EP (conveniently titled "Seize Them!"), ably aided and abetted by our producer donfreenut (who you may also know as Don Red). That EP is now complete and ready for your dollars.

Folks who enjoy physical objects to fetishize and caress will want our very attractive compact disc in its collectible digipak, shipped with a free sticker. Anti-materialists who are more into digital flavors of ephemera may prefer to buy .mp3s. Either way, the whole thing will not cost you more than $5 (and, remember, the CD comes with a free sticker. To stick on things.)

iTunes users can shop at the iTunes Music Store.
Apple Refuseniks can get their .mp3s at the Amazon MP3 Store.
CD-desirers can do their shopping via Google Checkout directly on seizethem.com, or, if you prefer PayPal, at the High Water Media store.

As Ferris Bueller says, "It is so choice. If you have the means I highly recommend picking one up.".

Go forth and enrich your compatriot noders, folks. I can promise you rocking and rump-shaking in return.

(Oh, and since all you innanet people are down with the remix culture and shit, I should mention that this EP is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommmercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Do what thou wilt.)

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